Sound Off Delaware: Cohen jailed, Title IX

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Cohen jailed

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s once-devoted lawyer and all-around fixer, was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison after telling a federal judge that his “blind loyalty” to his boss led him to cover up Trump’s “dirty deeds.”

• Two months for lying to Congress, the rest for tax evasion, and other bad business practices, both his own choice. Just a crooked, very wealthy man stealing millions from Americans. — Richard Miller

• And at the direction of Individual 1 — Gary Greer

• Pretty sure the millions he “stole” was mostly from “Individual 1” — Brian P. Slattery

• Any of those crimes committed on behalf and by the direction of his client, Individual 1?

Doesn’t it seem odd that a “wealthy man” would have to take out a loan on his house in order to come up with $130k? — Jimmy Vaughn

• Politically driven BS. — Jim Woodland

• If Cohen had anything of value to offer Mueller, they wouldn’t have sent him up the river. — John Daliani

Title IX

A letter from the female members of the Delaware House Democratic Caucus was sent to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos regarding the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed Title IX rule change.

• As a father of three boys and a grandfather to a boy and a girl, I see nothing wrong with the changes proposed by the Department of Education. After watching the absurd spectacle of the recent Senate confirmation hearing for Judge Kavanaugh, I see no problem with the increased evidentiary requirements proposed for Title IX. — Michael Pepper

• Too many women making things up to even the score. It would be nice to have a reverse law that goes after such women. Heavy fines, legal fees reimbursed, pain and suffering monies received and jail time. If there was such penalties this BS would come to a halt. If you can’t understand that then you are the problem who needs a scarlet letter worn, for all to stay clear of! — Pamela L. Zienneker

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