Sound Off Delaware: Cold weather concerns

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Considering that Code Purple Kent County doesn’t open its sanctuaries until Dec. 1 and the city of Dover doesn’t have any emergency plan in place for the homeless, a recent article reported that local advocates for the less fortunate are seriously concerned about the homeless’ well-being out on the streets at this time.

• I find it extremely difficult to believe that the state of Delaware, being the largest property owner in Delaware, having vacant properties at their disposal, has not figured out what to do with ongoing homeless in Delaware! Not surprising that kind and generous volunteers do a better job at taking care of them as best they can with (more) limited funds than our officials. It wouldn’t be that difficult to open up a few of those vacate properties throughout the state. Perhaps providing opportunities for those willing and able to clean up/repair as a way of giving back to the community and at the same time giving them work experience, pride in contributing, and maybe a new opportunity of transitioning into a different lifestyle for those who wish for change. It’s been done in the private sector and in other situations. — Gere Durkin

• Calvary Baptist Church has a food pantry and is organizing essentials bags for those in need. — Lisa Bell

• That’s crazy since it was 30 at 8 a.m. They need to go by the current weather, not the calendar! — Melissa Epperly

• The old Loockerman Exchange on State Street would be an ideal location. It has a kitchen for meal prep, is centrally located and has been vacant for years. — Bob Skuse

• It boggles my mind that we continue to report on this and discuss this as if it’s an “emergency” that’s never been considered before. I continue to hope the city will come to the realization that every year weather contingency plans are needed to protect the most needy of their citizens and it might behoove them to create a plan. There are dozens of examples of plans from other cities. There have been ideas proposed, there are intelligent people involved. There is no reason other than a lack of priorities that prevents this from being accomplished. The citizens of this city need to speak out to city councilmen and remind them that they do have contingency funds, they do have clout to persuade business owners and civic organizations to cooperate and they do have the support of the citizens that elect them to do something proactive instead of consistently reacting and being caught oOff guard” like they just don’t know what to do and never considered needing an emergency bad weather contingency plan for those in danger. Speak out. Remember, they work for us. I believe they should be doing their job to serve all citizens of the city of Dover. — Sue Harris

• If anyone wants to volunteer at our sanctuary (Code Purple) you are able to even with children because we can separate the children and volunteers from the overnight homeless individuals who are staying with us. We do appreciate every volunteer and love what we do! That is why we are so passionate about it I know that it is important to be wise with funds but there are funds to help the homeless and the Bible says help the least of these. We need to just realize the truth that a lot of people don’t care about homeless people and they just think some magic fairy comes and takes care of it all and it doesn’t. So let’s keep working together — building bridges and not boundaries and find ways to fix this problem — all of us together! Send my love to all of you. — Ennio Emmanuel

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