SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Coons criticizes Trump

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Sen. Chris Coons both criticized and issued advice to President Trump Monday, focusing on what he believes the proper response to Russian actions should be.

“For President Trump to fail to confront a hostile power for interfering in our democracy is to fail to defend our nation, and it makes us less safe,” Sen. Coons said. “So, what happens from here?”

• Nothing Trump does would make Coons happy. This is not a surprise. — John Chambers

• Treasonous Trump made us all look weak (Monday) as well as subservient to Putin. An old reality show host is no match for the KGB, especially when they’ve got something on him. — Rob Roth

• I think former President Obama set the precedent when he told us no one was interfering in our election process, and that Russia was no longer a threat to us! — Peter Servon

• All of our intelligence agencies agree there was Russian interference, 12 Russians were indicted and there is a report detailing how they interfered, and still the president doesn’t confront Russian leaders about it but instead praises them. And you think attacking Coons is the answer? — Ginny Jewell

• How could they have details when the DNC refused to let them look at their computers? — Jimmy Biggs

• It was three to be exact and they said that it appeared to be the Russians. They couldn’t say for sure. — Mark Schmalhofer

• How much did the 12 Russians influence you. Think maybe the $400,000,000 of Russian money objected into Hilliary’s election fund by the perpetrators of the Steele Dossier is more likely. Facts, check out the live feed when Putin dropped that bombshell! Crickets from the left’s MSM! — James Feist

• Because the far left has nothing to offer but lies, hate, and more lies! — Howard Gaines III

• Get a Republican in — someone with a sense of independence; someone to speak the truth and who fully grasps the concept of the balance of power. — Jim Rambo

• Coons is a great man and has a higher IQ then all the idiots defending Bendict Trump who committed treason. — Carl Legates

• I am so sick and tired of the outrage! Nobody blinked an eye when Obama told the Russians “After my [re]election, I’ll have more flexibility” or when he sold them a bunch of our uranium. Not one peep! So, Mr. Coons, you don’t like what Trump said in the presser even though you have no idea what was said in the private meeting between Trump and Putin. So rather than putting on your big boy panties and trying to work with the administration to find some common solutions to our problems, you, along with all the other swamp creatures, refuse to even deal with the president. Shame on you. Shame on you for failing to uphold the Constitution and shame on you for failing your constituents. — Eva Dickey

• Were you there to hear all the conference? Easy to harp on one thing. — Edna Staats

• When are you going to stand up for your country Senator instead of the special interests, Soros, and the mafia in charge of Delaware politics? — Brian Cullen

• So when Obama interfered with Israel’s election, where was that outrage? And are you just going to ignore 400 million funneled to the Clinton campaign by Bill Browder? Why isn’t any of the news media talking about that? Nobody is buying the fake outrage from you, your party, or the fake news either! Coons is just another
Democrat puppet towing the same fake line! — Marc Auger

• Doesn’t matter Hilary and Obama sold uranium to Putin for a 100 million that went to her “campaign” during 2016. But that was OK back then see. I had to research before I judged and everything the liberals do it’s OK but they want to put it on POTUS and call him out for nothing. I believe the 2016 election hack also happened under Obama’s watch to and he admitted it was not possible for anyone to interfere with the election. — Stephen Merc

• I guess Democrats erased this from their memory. Obama tried and failed to defeat Bibi in two Israeli elections, in 2009 and again in 2015 — sending to Israel a battery of political consultants, pollsters, funds, you name it. A congressional inquiry over the summer found that the Obama administration spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to boost an anti-Bibi campaign in Israel run by a former Obama campaign staffer. Hmmm. — Mike Lucas

• I remember when Obama was sitting with Castro watching a ball game while selling out to Cuba. Remember Obama telling the Russian agent that he’s be able to screw America more after the election. — Bob Hice

• I’ve said before and I will say it again. There was more strength and courage in standing up to Putin meeting face-to-face than those who came before him. Every time anyone was that close to Putin in the past, they placated him making all nicey-nicey, kissy-kissy, then turn a cold shoulder and not even try. Well, except Obama and Clinton. They didn’t turn a cold shoulder. They used Putin for their own purpose. — Jean Miller

• You believe our intel community with what has been uncovered! I have a bridge for sale if your interested! — Richard Goldstein

• Obama was the biggest wussy this country has seen, and now Democrats are mad because Trump didn’t punch Putin in the mouth? LOL. — Ray Zelano

• Can all the old people please be better role models for the younger Generations? Meaning how about you teach them resolution instead of you reverting back to a teenager by screaming on the internet and pointing fingers.

How about you show them how to pick up a phone and call their elected officials to enact change? No let’s just sit on social media yelling at The Ether. Yet we wonder why our children are doing so poorly adjusting to society when their own role models can’t teach them conflict resolution.

It’s truly embarrassing the lobsters in a pot mentality of the older Generations. And then flip out about how kids are the way they are today, it’s because of this right here. It all adds up.

This is all anybody has done for decades. And we’re not better off as a country at all. Too many children having power in the government that just want to fight back and forth. It speaks to what’s happening right here on Facebook. Adults regressing to a childlike mentality. The frightening thing is our government actually has the power to better or worsen our lives. But just point the finger at someone else so you don’t have to look at yourself or your own actions. No wonder our kids are so broken. Look at the adults they come from. — Sarah Smith

• Are there any followers on here that have ever had a thought independent of what trump thinks? If so it would be great to hear about it. Thanks. — Ralph Wilkinson

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