Sound Off Delaware: DART dilemma

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Readers reached to a Thursday letter headlined, “Delaware’s growing DART dilemma” whose purpose was “to get those in power to take a good, hard look at a very costly program which benefits very few at great taxpayer’s expense and to take corrective, cost-saving measures, saving significant money.”

• DART has a history of being late and not being able to make connections; thus you are often caught for several hours at a transfer location. Until very recently, buses serving the colleges did not arrive in time for classes; they are simply scheduled wrong. The buses will not stop at many locations, sometimes forcing a walk of half a mile. Public input and complaints are of no avail. I have a 20-year history of trying. — Ken Behrens

• I wonder if DART and these buses could help with school transportation. There is a need for more school bus drivers, so much so the timing of some schools’ schedules has been changed to accommodate students’ transportation. — Teresa LoPorto

• Really excellent and thought out letter. It will fall on the deaf ears of government officials. A good example of that is the $700,000 cost per electric bus. “We got a federal grant.” Well where does that money come from? The same place the $91,000,000 annual loss comes from — the taxpayers, just a different government pocket. Interstate DART is a proven nonfactor. The Democrats will make sure it stays the status quo. — Timmy Harmon

• It would likely be worth examining potential savings as well as transferring liabilities if the state exited the bus services and instead dispatched and paid the costs for taxis to provide transportation to those in need of services. Delaware would then avoid the complete cost of bus (or van) purchases, in addition to operational and administrative expenses. — Bill Anderson

• But let’’s look at who runs this department and who works there. The state can not run anything efficiently. This is the way Democrats run the state. — Pete Parks

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