Sound Off Delaware: Davis pleads guilty

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Democratic state treasurer-elect Colleen Davis pleaded guilty to speeding after being charged with driving on a suspended license and other offenses. She was assessed two points on her driver’s license and fined $43. Criminal charges were dropped.

The incident marked the fourth time since 1997 that Davis has been charged with driving on a suspended license.

• Wow $43 fine. Twenty years ago I got stopped and fined $75 for driving on an expired license. Methinks the judge didn’t like me. — Mary E. Yoder

• What a joke! Bet I wouldn’t have gotten off that light! Corrupt system! Shady government! Flawed from top to bottom! — Dean Grabowski

• This is the fourth time this driver has been cited for driving with a suspended license since 1997. Think about that. — Michael Pepper
• Don’t worry folks. She’ll only be dealing with the state’s money — our money. — Michael Hinman
• Delaware voters did really good on this one. — Harvey White

• I just find her excuse for missing a court date on her official page to be absolutely ridiculous. “I made an honest mistake during a busy time leading up to Election Day. As working parents know, life can get hectic.” With all the technology and reminders they send you, that’s not an honest mistake, that’s intentional. I hope life doesn’t get too hectic and she forgets which checks need to be deposited in which accounts, since she’ll be pretty busy as an employed parent. Pretty nice how she walked out of court and immediately jaywalked to avoid questions too. Politics is where it’s at — no laws to follow, and nothing to own up to. — Jason Willis

• It seems that driving on a suspended license is meaningless. I suggest getting rid of this law. — Dave McGuigan

• Oh a slap on the wrist. Delaware politics at its best. Politicians and lawmakers all have their hands in the same pockets. — Vincent J Deskiewicz Sr

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