SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Delaware’s decision

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Gov. John Carney said he elected not to deploy members of the Delaware National Guard to the southern border of the U.S. on Tuesday due to the federal government’s current policies of separating illegal immigrant families who are caught at the border.

• So if Delaware gets a hurricane and needs federal aid? Keep messing with bull Trump, you wimps. You will get the horns. — Ray Zelano

• The crime is entering illegally plain and simple. Only thing changed in the last few years is someone told them to claim asylum not just sneak in. Sorry but we have to help Americans before we give free handouts to all these illegals, plain and simple. — Cody Waters

• Seeking asylum is not illegal. Separating children from parents and placing the child(ren) in cages is synonymous to concentration camps. Using kidnapped children as a bargaining tool to get a wall funded is unconscionable. — Cheri Zatko-Coseglia

• Delaware better wake up! Everyday its something else for the worse! — Joann Cornett

• When a single parent commits a crime, their underage kids are separated from them and put in foster homes? Doesn’t that mean that the parents are U.S. citizens and are separated from their children if they commit a crime? So why is it OK for children to be separated from U.S. citizens who commit crimes, but not OK for illegal border jumpers? Because the Democrats make it political!
They’re only looking for a way into the U.S., and the liberal attorneys went down there and educated the illegals to say they want asylum. Same issue as the “anchor babies.” Either way, we dont need any more people in this country, and if we were to allow them in, let them come through the legal channels to do so. — Tony D’Agostino

• More stupidity rears it moronic head. The definition of political idiots is Delaware. — Jayne Muchler Dick

• Thank you, Governor Carney. Being separated from parents is a child’s worst nightmare. This must stop! —Bradley Skelcher

• How about we have them come to your house and stay till they get on their feet. — Rob Cooper

• So he’s saying to hell with protecting Americans. Typical Democrat, cares more about illegal aliens than he does the people he swore to protect. — Cathy Marie
• Wonder how many military children are separated from their mom or dad. So many children in this world are hurting. Children from Mexico, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Iraq and the U.S. among thousands and thousands more. No matter the cause, they hurt. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the adults of the world could manage to think of them and get their acts together, instead of spewing hatred and anger? — Lynne Maurer

• Why don’t you get Coons and tell him to get his rump back to work? — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• Whiny liberal bleeding hearts!! Elections have consequences!! Deal with it at the voting box!! Only if you are legal! — Richard Walton

• Thank you Governor John Carney. I seriously needed this good news. — Danielle Levredge

• Vote this joker out. He should be fired if refusing an order from the president. — Natalie Conn Patton

• As long as Gov. Carney is a Democrat there will be no cooperation at the border! It is time to cease petty politics and think what is best for America! — Thomas Edwin Seward

• Governor: Seems to me that you and your party are in favor of open borders. Democrats, in favor of open borders. OK, so just say it. — Dave McGuigan

• So they’re saying that it’s not fair to separate the kids from the parents, but if the parents send the kids over by themselves that’s OK. What’s the difference? Not saying they all do but some do and you should expect some kind of repercussion coming here illegally. I mean how else do they get here? — Alberta Borchers

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