SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Democratic hatred

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Readers reacted to a recent letter by Charlotte Moreland headlined “Democratic party has nothing to offer except hate.”

• Ms. Moreland, Your selective memory of the hate that is spewed by the GOP at large is astounding. I’m really just flummoxed by reading your (letter), not because I happen to disagree — that would be simple to deal with. No, the issue I take with this editorial, is the same issue I take with any of the articles I end up commenting upon: it’s misleading at its core, and false on its fringes.

By all means, if you support the GOP’s agenda more so than another candidates, go for it! That’s America baby. However, let us not get the facts twisted that the Democrats are the only people who perform shady political practices. In fact, I’d argue that the GOP wears its scandals as a badge of honor.

If any hopeful public official anywhere else had the allegations leveled against him/her that Justice Kavanaugh was accused of, he/she would have not been selected for the job. The fact is, I don’t know if he’s guilty or not. That doesn’t even matter in this context (although for sexual assault victims it matters a great deal, but that’s another tangent). The fact that multiple people who know the man came out and said that 1. he was lying under oath while he testified, and 2. it wouldn’t surprise them if these stories were true based on what they knew of him, shows you all you need to know about his moral character.

I could go on and on refuting the statements made in this letter, but I’m trying to keep it to the facts. Ms. Moreland, just say what you really mean: you don’t care about “right” or “wrong”. What you care about is conservative politicians and the GOP getting their way. That’s fine, but no need for all the other dragging through the mud. — Jeff Haycraft

• (The Democrats’) first item on the agenda is to take back their crumbs. They also plan to reopen the Kavanaugh investigation until they find something on him. Sound familiar? I still want to know who it was that paid out the $17 million to sexual assault claims over the years. — Bob Hice

• Well said, Jeff. The GOP became the party of hate and “just say NO to everything” during the Obama administration. White men whose power in society was slipping away melted down and acted out. Endless investigations finding no wrong doing a problem for you: Bengazi ring a bell? Get on the right side of history now, Bob. — John McCarthy

• Charlotte so true. Well said. Agree one hundred percent. — Cindy Burge

• Bravo, Charlotte. A lot of truth there. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• Hey, she’s just pointing out that while one side cries about how the other treats people, that said side is just as guilty. — Jason Jeandell

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