SOU[ND OFF DELAWARE: Demolition of C Building

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C Building in James T. Vaughn Correctional Center has sat vacant since the inmate uprising that left Lt. Steven Floyd dead there on Feb. 1 2017. However, it’s now slated for demolition, according the Delaware Department of Correction. They anticipate starting that project in the fall.

• Wouldn’t it make more sense to use funds for hiring more staff at the prison rather than tearing down a building? It was a very tragic thing that happened but in this day and time, spending money more wisely is something to think about! — Evy Jacobs

• With an overcrowded prison, in need of new and better housing and so many more programs to actually help reduce crime, the $2 million to raze C Building is a huge waste of money! From my vast experience with Delaware DOC and with many other who deal with them, I cannot say that I am surprised to see them going, again, in the wrong direction! — Ken Abraham

• Leadership is also a reminder of the great failures. How many jobs will they ax? — Howard Gaines III

• Ridiculous — Nanette Mulligan

• Another waste of money. — Amy Walton

• This is just a waste of time and money. Are we going to close down the highways where people senselessly die? Are we going to raze houses where people die from gun violence? This does nothing to solve a problem that the leadership and administration are aware of. Prison for profit is human trafficking! — Pammie Willis

• Tear it down because it’s old and dilapidated. If we destroy every building that has a tragic occurrence that’s a waste of money and resources. — Paula Giordano

• Prisoners are not supposed to be in a hotel. — Ruth Rohrer

• You all are still missing the real solution to the problem, which is to hire a lot more COs with experience and to pay them what they’re worth!! — Karen Ward

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