Sound Off Delaware: Dog deaths, Prisoner transfer

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Dog deaths

While a record-breaking 1,181 pets — including 716 dogs and 465 cats — found their forever homes at the fifth Brandywine Valley SPCA’s Mega Adoption Event on Dec. 8 and Dec. 9 at the Delaware State Fairgrounds, it was discovered that six of the dogs that were adopted had parvovirus, which is highly contagious and potentially deadly.

Five of those six adopted dogs died from parvo in the days following the event in which dogs and cats could be adopted for a $25 fee.

• Angry and very sad about this event. — Jamie Fritchman

• Accidents can happen even with the best of policies. This should have been prevented. Mega translates to a bigger cluster! — Howard Gaines III

• I would be very angry if I had gone to this event. It’s traumatic for anyone but especially families who bought their children their first pets. — Heather Lynn Long

• They say “it is only .5 percent of the adoptions”. To the families that added them to their lives it was 100 percent. — Angela Bunting Spishock

• When you have that many people coming into an event, how do you know they are clean and not spreading illness? The reason responsible breeders keep folks away from newborn puppies. — Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club

Prisoner transfers

Emotions ran high last week as family members of Delaware inmates urged and begged officials with the Department of Correction to provide more answers about recent prisoner transfers.

In November, the state announced it would be moving up to 330 inmates to Pennsylvania correctional facilities to reduce overtime levels among correctional officers and improve conditions in the prisons.

• Kicking a can. Pay a better salary to the correctional officers and they won’t need to work 7/12s. It’s funny how the state has extra “taxpayer money” for corporate welfare (why does any government get to gamble with our money?) when they could just own up to the shortcomings in paying state workers. — J.J. McGlothlin Jr.

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