Sound Off Delaware: Dover parking changes

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While the city of Dover remains in the beginning phases of having a parking garage constructed near the downtown shopping district the Downtown Dover Partnership is set to implement some new parking changes in 2019.

• We’ll “fix” the problem — Charge even more!! (Good luck with that) — J.J. McGlothlin Jr.

• I don’t have much reason to go through downtown Dover anymore. But if you think putting meters in will attract more people, think again! — Karen Cross Ward

• Good way to get more people to come to Dover. Sounds like they’re trying to keep people away from downtown Dover. There are some great shops going to suffer from this great move, Dover. “Believe in Dover” now? — Matt Andrews

• Another attempt to generate revenue masked as a solution to resolve an alleged parking nightmare in downtown. — Kellie Russo

• I don’t go downtown often now and this really makes me not want to go. — Debbie Kays

• Your problem now is credibility. It just has the appearance that this is all shoot from the hip decisions made by amateurs. It’s time to move into the 21st century, for Pete’s sake. The city needs to establish a parking authority, which runs under the authority of the council, yet is fully independent so politics don’t enter the picture.

Hire an experienced parking authority director with professional experience. It will pay off if the city ever figures out how to build a parking garage. Do not just appoint Mr. Hugg or some other person to run it. It needs to operate independently. Get some advice from governments that have the same thing. — Dave Duncan

• Like the Philly parking authority? You know, the ones who hang around your car like buzzards when you have two minutes left on your meter? Those professionals? — Bob Beckman

• Welcome to Downtown Dover, if you think locals will be confused, you should see how visitors will feel about the new parking boondoggle. Compliments of Dover City Council and the Downtown Development Corporation. — Bob Skuse

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