SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Dover Post office location

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A new Dover Post Office has been proposed for the former location of the Chesapeake Utilities offices, located across the street from the Dover Police Department. The other proposed split location would feature a retail center at the Capital Station shopping complex, which is currently under construction at the now-demolished former Playtex site off U.S. 13, with postal carrier operations to take place at the vacant former Value City building in the Bay Court Plaza.

• Why not put it all under one roof ie: Value City location, instead of splitting things up? — Sandy Hawley Meiring

• Or main post office at Value City and a mini substation close to town. I think Dover could use two locations. — Mary E. Yoder

• Always a long line when I go there. Excellent suggestion. — Eileen Waldron

• I would prefer, if feasible, the vacant lot on Route 8 across from the Modern Maturity Center. This site would not only be convenient, by Route 8 is already designed for the traffic a postal facility would bring — but in addition there is already a traffic light that would help with access and egress from the facility. Also think the lot is large and deep enough to handle both retail and carrier functions. — Dan Maher

• The city wants a retail post office close to the “revitalized” downtown area to attract people to the area. They don’t care where the carriers are located. The trucks could be in Magnolia for all they care. As long as you can buy stamps and drop off outgoing mail from lawyer’s offices, they are happy. Of course, by the time they sort and send the local mail for the PO boxes up from Value City, it’ll be a day later until you get it. — Dave Duncan

I would prefer not to walk all the way to Value City in order to pick up my mail. Just one guy’s opinion. On the bright side, maybe there wouldn’t be as many people standing around the entrance asking for money if we moved it really, really far from the library. — Bob Hartman

The Value City location is certainly a great choice for the entire post office needs. It could house the retail services portion of the business as well as the mail carrier type activities. Plenty of building, more than ample parking. Having a presence downtown in Dover is pretty much self-limiting, almost guarantees problems in the near term, and in spite of certain city council representations, does absolutely nothing for the city other than create congestion. I cannot name a single person in my circle of acquaintances who goes to the post office to purchase stamps, then goes farther into town to buy a cup of coffee or lunch. — Bill Anderson

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