SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Dover Post Office on the move

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Readers reacted to Sunday’s story about the Dover Post Office trying to find a new home:

• I hope Milford follows suit. — Karen Ward

• Could put a parking structures for city/state workers and put the post office where the water tower/ Platex used to be. Use old library for City Hall. — Carole Gallagher

• Starbucks is going where Playtex was. — Melissa Epperly

• They should just put a small office downtown to sell stamps and let people mail packages. Move the postal carriers and trucks to the old Value City location. — Rhonda Brown Lehman

• Good Lord, stop typing your opinion here and call your representation or the people that can make the change. This is why there so much apathy in our country. Everybody just complains on social media but doesn’t actually take the step to change anything. Because all you really care about is you feeling better so you get your complain out but you don’t take the next step because you really don’t care. — Sarah Smith

• I think I may use some of these ideas when I write to the postal service. I hope there are new facilities. The current building may fall down any day, I fear. It’s a disgrace, especially in Delaware’s capital city. — Liz Alban

• I grew up on South Bradford Street a block away from the elementary school that I attended. We never left our two-block radius and it was always safe and neighbors cared about each other, looked out for the children on the block and we cared about the cleanliness of our area. I don’t know what has happened to that city that I once grew up in. But I think it just speaks to our country overall. And it starts as being better role models for the children in your life. I feel like positive adult role models are so rare these days. — Sarah Smith

• If I recall correctly, it was mentioned when the library came about that the Post Office was going to be replaced soon. It is also mentioned about city hall being replaced. It would have been nice if when they built this library that they could have incorporated these other two as well, and possibly worked in a parking garage. — Bob Hice

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