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It was reported this week that eight people have died from suspected overdoses in a four-day span across the state, causing the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services leader to urge users to seek treatment and carry the overdose-reversing medication naloxone.

• So our diabetic community has to pay outrageous prices for insulin and people with allergies pay hundreds for an EpiPen but please if you use illegal drugs make sure to carry your free prescription-free antidote to keep you alive. Give me a break! This is infuriating! — Stacy Pierson Blevins

• I don’t want to pay for the diabetics or the people with allergies either.. — Josh Phipps

• Sorry, but they made that decision to use. They knew the consequences and well, that’s the price you pay. Addiction is not an illness — its an addiction! How about helping those who need prescriptions on a daily basis to actually live! All of this free crap for these junkies is their way to keep doing it knowing they can get hopefully not die of an overdose. Seriously, how many times are we going to save the same idiots with narcan?? — Valerie Dziombak Gasparovic

• Do a little research. Addiction is a disease whether you want to believe it or not. — Mike Johnson

• Most people start using narcotics through doctor’s prescriptions. This is a pervasive problem throughout the country. Have any of you bothered reading the news and getting the facts about addiction? — Paula Giordano

• Most?! Simply not true. There are no statistics that support that position, even among the most ardent supporters of the program. — B.K. Smith

• So which kind of disease is it? There are four categories and choosing to do drugs is not one of them. Pathogenic, deficiency, hereditary or physiological. Just because you believe it doesn’t make it true. — Donna Lea

• I can choose to do drugs. Can’t choose to have cancer. There’s a big difference! — Dave Smith

• As someone who had a problem years ago I can say I chose to take those pills everyday. Then one day I just decided I couldn’t keep on doing it. I stopped. It was rough and pretty miserable the first week or so but is what it is. If you can endure a few days of misery to get your life together you’re weak minded. That’s all it is, you’re not strong enough to quit so you cop out with this “not my fault I have a disease nonsense” — Mike Bohan

• People die from drugs because they chose to do them in the first place. It’s no one’s fault but that person that put that drug in their mouth. Period. — Nanette Mulligan

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