SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Election choices

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The two Republican candidates for a U.S. Senate nomination competed with each other Tuesday over who is the biggest supporter of President Trump and the strongest critic of Sen. Tom Carper. Delaware last elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate in 1994, and its congressional delegation has been entirely Democratic for the past eight years.

• Below the canal should secede. — Chad Dean

• Right! They’re a burden on the state. — Mike Johnson

• The burden on the state is above the canal, populated by socialist Democrats that always vote for anyone with a “D” after their name because that’s what they’ve always done. They don’t see that the Democratic Party has made a far left turn and no longer stand for the working man. — Philip L Puschel

• And what “working man” do these contemporary Republicans represent? Give us a break! — Max Joseph Wolf

• As I have been saying for years, conservatives have no representation in Delaware. Carper has finally dropped his mask and is clearly showing his lack of concern or interest in anything conservative, in the state. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Works just fine for me. Conservatives inflicted Trump cancer on the world, enough said. — Peter Giaquinto

• Tired of hearing Carper’s ads about his hate of Trump. Let’s hear what you would do for Delaware. Oh well, I am not voting for you anyway. — Cindy Burge

• Look at your real estate taxes, look at our roads, look at our parks. Open your eyes! — Al Snyder

• Red wave is coming! — Stephen Jackson

• GOP getting it done where the left is taxing folks to death. — Howard Gaines III

• And buildings are empty, roadsides in Dover are dirty, gangs are on the rise, not the lovely city of yesteryear. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• I am a registered Independent and always liked that we had a senator from each party, but neither of these Republican candidates would get my vote. Praising Trump doesn’t work for me. — Dan Maher

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