Sound Off Delaware: Federal shutdown, Dover Downs

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Federal shutdown?

President Donald Trump told congressional Republicans Thursday he would not sign a bill to fund the government because it doesn’t include money for his border wall with Mexico, throwing the budget process into deep disarray and risking a federal shutdown this weekend.

• Leadership! After all, American lives matter and it starts with security. — Victor Santillan

• You wouldn’t leave or allow your home or business to be breached…why then with problem borders? — Howard Gaines III

• Because a border wall will not stop 90 percent of the illegals that actually are the problem. You worry about the guy that runs over to get under the table scraps on farms and other jobs you’d never do yourself, but when a Russian oligarch overstays his visa and just continues to bribe politicians you turn a blind eye. The wall will not solve the immigration problem, all it does is solidify HIS egomania. We have crumbling roads, sewage and water systems. Spend money and resources on that. — Craig Walter

• A multibillion dollar wall won’t defeat a ladder — Terrell Carey

• Republican leadership. What an oxymoron. — Mike Johnson

• No wall, no spending bill. Go Trump. — Kirk Albertson

Dover Downs open all year

For the first time since Delaware approved slot machines in 1994 you can legally gamble on Christmas. Included in the casino relief bill approved at the end of June was a little-noticed provision allowing Delaware’s three casinos to operate on Christmas and Easter.

• Talk about greedy! — Pamela L. Zienneker

• Absolutely disgusting — Bonnie Millman

• People are freaking out because they are open an extra day. — James Sack

• So unnecessary! — Kim Osborne Shreves

• Sad that some people don’t have anything better to do on Christmas. — Bob Seaward

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