SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Flag etiquette

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The White House received criticism Monday for returning the flag above the building to full-staff after lowering it Saturday night. Protocol for the death of a serving member of Congress calls for the flag to be lowered to half staff on the day the official dies and for the day after. At the request of senators on Monday the flag at the White House was again lowered to half-staff.

• Too bad he had to be pressured to lower the flag. — Karen King

• Maybe if McCain wasn’t such a (jerk) to him it would have been different. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Maybe if he hadn’t claimed McCain wasn’t a hero because he got captured, McCain wouldn’t have ever even mentioned his name! — Rick Reed

• Such petty behavior. It’s beneath the office of the presidency. — Paula Giordano

¶ Although your points are correct about his service, protocols to the flag code were followed. — Jason Claire Hearn

• You realize that the “flag code” is discretionary right? Sen McCain was a former 5 1/2 year prisoner of war (enduring heinous torture), and this man was in public service for over 30 years, and that these two points are laudatory issues..So Joe Blow’s “flag code” does not equate to the service of John S. McCain and the protocol is tailored to the measure of the man and his constituents. — Cheri Zatko-Coseglia

• Why don’t we just fly the flag at half (staff) every single day. Seemed to be the norm during the last administration. Flag etiquette was used. Get over it. — Gary Sparks

• The left-wing media is not really supporting McCain. What they are really doing is attacking President Trump. — Philip L Puschel

• Deceased senators are honored with two days of the U.S. flag at half staff. Why should McCain get more? — Peter Servon

• Read the rules governing when a flag is to be flown at half (staff). A little education goes a long way. — Larry Horseman

• Why should the rule be broken for one man? — Linda Formelio

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