Sound Off Delaware: Government shutdown

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Facing a midnight deadline to avoid a partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump said Friday a closure could drag on “for a very long time” and he tried to lay blame on congressional Democrats if there’s no deal over his demand for U.S.-Mexico border wall money.

• And he’s proud of it. SMH — John Anderson

• And Americans are proud of him for it. — Chris Werner

• The man said he will deal with immigration and trade. Democrats and Republicans always say they will and never do. Shut it down Mr. President. — Ray Zelano

• Good, they should stop taking out taxes to pay for their overbloated ridiculous salaries, benefits and pensions. But of course, they never miss a paycheck even if they’re at home drinking beer because we pay them not to work, which is in itself, idiotic. Our president refuses to accept a paycheck, most likely the only one in the nation’s history that donates 100 percent of his salary to charitable causes and paid for his own campaign without any money from lobbyists. — Thomas Cook

• Trump gets Russian and Turkish money and uses his salary as a tax deduction, which you are subsidizing. MAGA. — Leo E. Gracie

• Don’t you wish you could be smart enough to use your salary as a write off. I know I do. Trump 2020 — Brady Allen

• Good. Build the wall. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• Shut her down and save some money. — Paul H. Johnson Sr.

• It won’t save money. The folks will get backpay for not working, costing the taxpayers the same. — Sam Fish

• This dude throws a fit whenever he doesn’t get his way. It’s sad. — Tyler Bronakoski

• So if the government is shut down. — no taxation without representation right?!? — Christian Orendorf

• Ask the hard-working federal employees their opinion. — Patrick R. Weaver

• He’s a crying whiney baby if he doesn’t get his way. Trump created this mess so let him suffer for it. I hope he never gets the wall. Ugh. — Mary Lynn Haines-O’Neal

• Sounds like federal employees need to get real jobs. My pay check will not be affected one bit. Besides there are plenty of jobs in the country as well as Delaware. You know, the ones you actually have to really, really work, so you can get paid. The wall needs to be funded and built. Keep illegals out, which will save us billions in the long run. I am tired of working so someone else can have a free ride! — Pamela L Zienneker

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