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A Sunday story presented a review of 2018’s many gun bills.

• After all is said and done. After all the condemnation and hyperbole. After all the liberal grandstanding, can anyone show where restrictive gun laws have actually done any good? Chicago has some of the most restrictive laws in the country. Liberal run, liberal management in the police department. Yet, when asked, after on of the worst 12-hour periods, (even for them), the have experienced, (10 p.m. Saturday Aug. 4 through 10 a.m. Sunday Aug. 5), the only thing the police superintendent had to say was, “there are just too many guns on the streets of Chicago.” How can that be, when we are constantly bombarded with the hype about restrictive gun laws are good things? The only good they do in Chicago, and everywhere else they are used, is the easing of crime activity. The criminals know, they don’t have to worry about the law-abiding citizen defending themselves. The liberal governments have said they are not allowed. Have we really gone so far to the left, that our government is now siding with the criminal? — Dennis Mehrenberg

• I love the part about how we are well funded. Delaware Gun Rights, which is the predominant group that did all of the showing up, did so with very little funding. Our people just cared more. We won because we showed up. Many of us burnt through all our PTO, or closed our businesses. As president of DGR I can assure you that we spent less money than some people spend monthly on their mortgage. We showed up on a moments notice because we want our rights protected not destroyed. The gun grabbers just need to face that they lost. — Mitch Denham

• Good article revealing, to some extent, who are the defenders of the Constitution and who favors converting citizens into subjects. — Jim Price

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