SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Gun laws letter draws reaction

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Delaware State News readers react to a letter to the editor, “Conscientiously voting for sensible gun laws,” from Bill Clemens of Smyrna.

• “Statistics illustrate that Americans of high school age are 82 times more likely to die from a gun homicide than teenagers in the rest of the developed world.” Interesting this data isn’t showcasing high school students who come from law abiding homes or those who come from hunting and sport firearms backgrounds. Having grown up around the many firearm venues: hunting, targeting shooting, hunter education, etc. … false data or misleading data doesn’t properly support this gun position. —Howard Gaines III

• As a police officer for 20 years in Wilmington, the public safety officer for the city housing authority for 10, and as an owner/operator of a detective agency for more than 10 years, I can say without any question: the gun laws being offered across this country will do absolutely nothing to affect criminals! The laws being passed will not stop school shootings. They will not stop murders in the street. And they certainly will not concur with what our founding fathers wanted. I have sat face to face with youths who have taken the lives of innocents and committed crimes from as far back as the 1970s. These laws will only place burdens on lawful American citizens. — Frederick Tate

• Those who don’t believe our 2nd Amendment rights are wrong. It’s a society and culture problem, not a gun issue. You cannot legislate evil intentions. — David Baranowski

• Delaware pretty much copied the Maryland gun ban verbatim. Maryland just had a school shooting. Please lie to us, er, I mean tell us again how any of these proposed gun bills working there way through the Delaware legislature will work? Delaware politicians took an oath to uphold the Constitution not dismantle it piece by piece. We literally see what’s happening in Great Britain where the people have basically lost all their rights because they are no longer armed to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. The 2nd Amendment is what guarantees the rest of our rights. If it falls they all fall. Just look at Britain. — Shawn Knox

• Very entertaining read. Obviously he knows nothing about the subject and less about the NRA. — Pete Parks

• The UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and others have complete, or near complete gun confiscation What is sensible about that? — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Unless we put some effort to investigate the root cause of the killings and address it, the killings will continue and probably continue to grow on numbers. But, guns haven’t changed, the same weapons are available now that were available in 1981. There’s no magic power in a firearm that makes someone want to kill. — Charles Wissman

• Sensible gun laws: shall not be infringed. —Jonathan Guessford

•And London has more knife killings than New York had gun murders. I have an idea. Instead of the media reporting and almost glorifying the twisted minds of these individuals, they should find out the true facts and see the root cause of the mass shootings. — John Marshall

• You know when someone states, “No need to question that fact” that the “fact” ain’t. — Joshua Berger

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