SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Harrington on Walker

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Readers reacted to a recent letter to the editor by Michael Harrington Sr., chairman of the Delaware Republican party, repudiating U.S. House candidate Scott Walker for recent statements that Mr. Harrington said do not represent the Republican party.

• Should have promoted a stronger candidate — Howard Gaines III

• I wonder why they did not promote Murphy more or get Truono to run for it. They are way too disorganized. We need to get good people and stand behind them! — Loretta Pramick

• Apparently he does. Fifty-three percent of the vote? — Eric Fibelkorn

• So Harrington’s apologizing and basically throwing in the towel. Wow. Of course he represents the Delaware Republican party as they voted for him. Just like Christine O’Donnell, remember? — Kris Heist

• This is why the Republican party is not taken seriously. This was their fault for not going out into the public and working towards more involvement and participation from the community. If they wanna play the game of politics they should be out there getting the interests of those who may one day want to lead. The Republican party is a lost cause in Delaware. — Rick Grimes

• The minute they threw Mike Castle under the bus and let outsiders take control of Delaware Republicans, they lost all credibility. — Sarabeth Sayers

• So, our Republican party, once again, cannot come up with an acceptable candidate! Some of us registered Republicans are getting tired of this. We’re getting tired of hearing nothing from whomever the candidate is, until a month before the November election. In short, we are tired of being losers! The Republican party leadership, for years, has been anything but leadership Now, you come out and publicly tell us our choices are someone who may, or may not support Republican ideals, or, the Democratic candidate, whom we know will do as he/she is told by party leadership. Sorry, Mr. Harrington, but your leadership skills are and have been on full display. You may want to seek a few classes of your own. —Dennis Mehrenberg

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