In the Fox Hall subdivision in Dover. Joe Maier IV was found to be in violation of two city ordinances with the place of his basketball hoop. The Board of Appeals voted unanimously to “defer the matter and allow 60 days for the appropriate lawful authority in the city to see if they wish to designate that cul-de-sac as permissible to be a play area.”

• There goes “midnight basketball” in Fox Hall. It’s not like it’s on State Street. Kids have been playing games in the street for forever! Give someone a little authority and it goes to their head. — Chris Wolfe

• Simple answer: It’s a public travel road, not a playground! If it passes then all state and city streets can become playgrounds! — Howard Gaines III

• I lived in Fox Hall for 25 years. Aside from Carnoustie Road, just about every road is a snoozer in that development. — Paula Giordano

• Have the neighbors complained? How about working on crime, trash, abandoned properties, proper licensing of companies. This is a ridiculous waste of time and tax money! (no, I don’t live there). — Jayne Muchler Dick

• Unless it’s a private road, then sorry. People forget that there is an easement on every property. That net is on the easement. Technically, it very well can be in the way of a street cleaner and sanitation truck. They hang over the street just enough that the trucks can clip the hoop and cause damage. We have ours in the backyard on the cement so my kids are not out playing in the street. The roads are not how they were years ago. So many people just don’t care and don’t pay attention, even on cul de sacs and dead-end streets. — Valerie Dziombak Gasparovic

• Then the city needs to violate everyone, I’ve seen plenty of hoops along the streets. — Diana Robertson

• Wow this is horrible. How many of his neighbors complained? There’s so much more to worry about than an 8 -year-old playing basketball. — Crystal Harvey Cole

• Taking care of the drug and homeless problem in downtown Dover must be a lower priority. — John Greene

• Let the kids play. They do in every other neighborhood in this state. — James Plymire

• Here’s a dad trying to do something to keep his child out of trouble by giving him a chance to learn a sport and enjoy the outdoors while doing it and then the government has to step in. — Kim McGregor- Endres

• With everything that’s going on in the world, this is what they care about. Really! — Mary Wolfe

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