Sound Off Delaware: Hummers Parade

After last week’s Hummers Parade triggered local controversy that attracted nationwide attention, a crowd of more than 200 packed Middletown Town Hall Monday night to demand changes.

A seven-member commission will be formed to establish guidelines for any gatherings next year and the event will only be permitted upon council’s approval.

A public firestorm erupted after this year’s parade spoof included, among other displays, a caged, supposedly migrant child and a similarly enclosed adult in soiled underwear at a detention center on the nation’s southern border.

• It is very sad to watch the death of humor, free thinking, and free speech at the hands of this generation all brainwashed by the liberal political correctness agenda. — Marc Auger

• At the meeting they talked about the parade but mostly it was people using it as a platform to push their own political agendas. — Freda Barrett

• So it’s true they are now the home to “those fine people.” — Rosemary Ross

• How anyone thinks this is humor or entertaining is beyond me. — Marie Law

• What happen to freedom of speech? Guess if you are part of the liberal, snowflake, Democrats, or left groups, that only applies if your group is making the statements or actions. — Pamela L Zienneker

• What part of the constitutional right to free speech do you NOT understand? It gives you the right to say whatever you want without governmental interference, not without backlash from your peers. It’s why the KKK can have rallies, even police protection and crowd control during their rallies, but it doesn’t make what they say right or acceptable in a civilized society. — Jess Mortillfem

• That parade has gone on for years but now someone is offended. Get over yourselves and find something else to cry about. — Jim Howell

• Can’t enjoy anything anymore. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• Thank God! That parade is a joke and those that support it are ignorant. — Richard Damron

• Poking fun at the rich and powerful can be funny. They can take it. Making fun of the poor and vulnerable is disrespectful, mean-spirited, and humiliating. It’s what bullies do. It’s not humor. — Kristen Froelich

•It’s satire, lighten up people. We, as a country, have lost our sense of humor. If you don’t like the parade, stay home. — Joe Cappadonna

• No it isn’t that simple. Not attending doesn’t stop the community from gaining negative notoriety for being perceived as endorsing this type of event. We know how to stay home. Do parade participants know how to exercise restraint when developing ideas that literally are paraded in the streets where traffic is controlled by police our taxes also pay for? — Carla Kilic

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