SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Immigration policy

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More than a hundred people stood on the east steps of Legislative Hall in Dover Saturday to show their support for a change in current immigration laws. They also urged that children separated from parents who violated federal immigration laws to enter the United States illegally be united.

• Illegal aliens. The United States of America has laws. We are a nation of laws. You cannot pick and choose what laws you want to obey. With laws there are consequences if you break them. Like elections, they also have consequences. Try harder next time! In the meantime, enjoy the next seven years of your lives. I will. — Richard Walton

• There’s no law stating that children must be torn from their families. — John Anderson

• Clinton created the law. Look it up. — Dave Smith

• I think these humans are undocumented migrants. They have escaped unspeakable danger and tragedies. One woman interviewed with her baby spoke of how they will be murdered if they return, just as her husband was murdered. Anyone who can’t have compassion is not only and horrible excuse for a human being but also anti-American. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” — Cherrie Hall

• Where was John Anderson when this was happening during Obama’s presidency? — Mark Schmalhofer

• Where we you in April when Sessions decided to separate children from their parents? And then not properly track any of them so they can not reunite? You’re OK with that, I see. — Rosemary Ross

• And Trump changed the policy, in turn creating this problem. It’s time for him to own it! — Mike Johnson

• That’s who Democrats are. Break the law with no consequences. It’s how the were raised. — Ray Zelano

• Delaware is doing so much good lately! — Danielle Levredge

• Delaware doing good? That was a joke, right? — Jayne Muchler Dick

• Why don’t we just send all the illegals back across the border. They will all be together and our tax dollars won’t be footing the bill for their housing, food, medical, etc. — Dakota Poe

• That was the idea when Trump said no courts, no trials last week. Just catch them crossing and turn them around to go back where they came from until they can learn the right way to immigrate. — Chris Behrens

• They flee their country to get away from bad conditions let’s just say but yet once over here, they wave their country’s flag and show no respect towards us. I get that some have been here for multiple years and work an honest job but guess what? They’re still here illegally. Now the ones coming over with kids attached hey, that’s their problem if they get caught. It’s been proven time and time again that over half coming in are already felons. You idiots with you’re open border beliefs are just that. Idiots. What would you do or think if an illegal assaults you or one of your family members and gets away with it? They have more rights than any true American. They’re completely disrespectful to everyone. They think it’s their country and it’s not. If they want to come to our country they need to do it the proper way. Build the wall. Strengthen up the boarder check points like we’re doing. Get the ones that are already here illegally out. And this just isn’t for Mexico, it’s for anyone from any country trying to get in. I’m all for a safer country. ICE should’ve been up in Dover rounding those illegals up. — Craig Willey

• In case you missed it, President Trump signed an executive order to keep illegal alien families together when they illegally cross the border. No need for a protest. — Rebecca Cebenka Welch

• I think if people are found crossing illegally, border patrol should walk them back to where they came in and shove them back over the border. — Danielle Starkey

• A new Harvard-Harris poll finds a majority of Hispanic voters want stricter immigration laws. Build the wall and enforce it. — Phil Errup

• If the Democrats really cared about these people, they would have accepted Trump’s amnesty offer.— Charles Miller

• What’s wrong with people immigrating legally? — Bob Hice

• The immigration family separation issue is missing one key adjective – illegal. Legal immigrants do not have separation of family, except by their choice. — John W. Herman

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