SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Kavanaugh delay

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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh cleared a key procedural hurdle Friday, but his confirmation prospects were still deeply uncertain as Republicans agreed to ask for a new FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations.

• Anyone who is excited about this is just perpetuating a society in which women are not enough; not respected enough, not valued enough or believed enough. It’s a new day. Women are angry. I can’t wait for them to take over and treat men the way women have been for thousands of years. — Danielle Levredge

• A man is automatically assumed guilty when a woman yells rape. His reputation is ruined, his family gets dragged through the mud. It’s not fair that Judge Kavanaugh is being treated this way. There is no evidence! He was investigated 6 times by the FBI for his previous positions. As a mother of two sons I am scared some woman will cry rape because she doesn’t get her way and my sons lives would be ruined. I worry for all men now. I also feel bad for any woman who is actually attacked. Because of woman who lie no one will believe them. — Danielle Starkey

• Thank God. Hopefully the FBI will find out that she lied about it all!! The people she claimed to be there with her that night have no knowledge of that ever happening!! Hopefully once they find out she lied she will be held accountable for her actions and her career is ruined by her lies!! Men and woman are raped every day! You don’t go to 10 parties over a period of time and never went to the cops! Hmm something doesn’t add up!! The men and woman she said were in the room with her can’t even recall that ever happening! Don’t call rape 35 years later unless you were truly raped! Many woman can’t speak out about it and live every day with that! Plain and simple don’t lie! — Amber Graleski

• It’s just buying time. When a week is up, the Dems will demand more time! — Alan Thompson

• Thank you Senator Flake for standing up for what is right! I know it must be hard to buck your fellow Republicans. If we had more legislators who worried about doing the right thing rather than just supporting the party line, our country would be much better. — Patricia Woodie

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