SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Kavanaugh hearing

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Readers reacted to Thursday’s hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

• It’s a witch hunt and a waste of taxpayers’ time and money. — Vincent J Deskiewicz Sr.

• Disgusting!! What they are putting this man through. I feel so bad for the the real victims of sexual assault. — Darby Hann-Spanier

• A regrettably exist smear campaign against the nominee. — Michael Pepper

• His demeanor does not befit a Supreme Court judge. — Amy Fruehstorfer

• I’m sickened that attorney Senator Coons said to Martha Maccallum on live TV that it’s Mr. Kavanaugh’s responsibility to disprove the allegations. Delawareans, this is not in line with our Constitution, our American way, our judicial system. Any of us could be falsely accused and our lives turned upside down if this becomes the precedent! Whether left, right or middle please consider that the fabric of our country could be torn to shreds if we keep voting these people into office! — Beth Ann

• 100% Dem delay tactic, interviews and investigations. Should have happened the day after alleged assault. — Michael Campbell

• As an assault victim, I can tell you that’s not how it always works — particularly when you are younger. As to her coming forward, she never wanted to go public. She has been consistent about her assault for years. She’s passed a polygraph, Kavanaugh refused to take one. She called for an investigation by the FBI, the GOP is afraid to ask for one. — Paula Giordano

• If you are a woman, then the odds are about 7.4 billion to 1 that you are not Christine Ford, but the media would have you believe this is a case of all women versus the majority of men. It is a projection designed to divide this country and in particular to affect the November election. If the Republicans succeed in confirming Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court they will probably lose the House and Senate to a blue wave surfed by the women of this country. — Jim Price

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