Sound Off Delaware: KKK fliers

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Free speech rights allowed the recent distribution of racially charged Ku Klux Klan fliers locally, Seaford Police learned Tuesday

Authorities earlier had asked the Delaware Department of Justice to evaluate the legality of the messages in clear plastic bags placed at three locations in town on Sunday through Monday, and then received word from the DOJ that they could be placed in public places.

Residents in several other Kent and Sussex communities received similar fliers as well.

While local authorities said they in no way support the values included in the messages, the constitutional First Amendment right was considered as well, thus the request for the DOJ’s advice.

• I feel like I’m living in bizarro world. — Scott Nagy

• It’s really sad that this mess still exists! They are really showing there true colors and how racist they are, whoever is doing it! — Loretta Benson

• It just goes to show you that there are still small-minded people no matter where you live. I have lived in Delaware 53 years and most in the Harrington Felton area. I have never seen nor heard anyone talk about such nonsense. I for one stand with my friends and family of all ethnicities and say hate and bigotry is not wanted here nor will it be tolerated. Go back to your dark hole and your backwards thinking and live your miserable life. Better yet find Jesus and give him your hatred. He will exchange it for love, peace, acceptance, joy, happiness, goodness, mercy and most of all forgiveness. — Terri Murray Gillespie

• So sorry this kind of hatred is coming so near to your little towns. We all need to be vigilant, and pray for them. Their lives must be so sad to be filled with such hatred. Just remember God is in control! Enjoy your family and this Christmas season! — Tammy Adams

• Disgusting. Someone needs to tell the KKK we don’t want their kind around here. — Holly Elizabeth

• They are a disgrace to the white race. Actually, a disgrace to humanity period. Nobody wants to live backwards. The KKK needs to go back to where they came from and start acting like adults and get over themselves. — Ashley Malandrino

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