Sound Off Delaware: KKK fliers

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In the brief aftermath of Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers being found in at least four Kent and Sussex County towns, law enforcement agencies and schools on Wednesday received official reminders regarding response to threats and intimidation and what may constitute a crime instead of free speech and legal conduct.

Public and charter school administrators and law enforcement leaders got separate letters sent by Attorney General Matthew P. Denn with reissued 2016 guidelines “to ensure that law enforcement and school authorities are taking all legally permissible steps to address hate speech and other forms of threats and intimidation.”

• I just love it when elected Democrats defend the KKK. It’s the Delaware Way. — Bob Skuse

• Actually its the U.S. Constitution that defends their right to free speech — you know, that document that the current Republican party always tries to skirt around when it’s applied to them. — Gary Greer

• But they won’t do a damn thing to protect students from bullying and assaults happening to them while they are in school. It is time for our elected officials to step up to the plate and hold a forum for parents and then a committee to address and write new legislation for all school administrators to follow to protect our children. Let’s come together and protect all students statewide. — Becky McKnatt Gulledge

• Folks seem to have selective understanding of the First Amendment. You can’t legislate taste or morals. Hence, take it and throw it away if the position offends. — Howard Gaines III

• I was under the impression that throwing paper and plastic bags on the ground and in people’s yards was littering. Didn’t realize that littering at that magnitude was legal. — Monica Prettner

• No charges necessary, just publish the faces of the individuals exercising their First Amendment rights and let nature take its course. — Kellie Russo

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