SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Land of the free?

The 2018 edition of Freedom in the 50 States — authored by William Ruger and Jason Sorens — ranked Delaware in 43rd place. Florida took the top spot, and New York came in last.

Examining over 230 policy variables, the study claims Delaware has lost a lot of ground since in the last two decades in fiscal, regulatory and personal freedoms.

• When my husband and I moved to Delaware from California (Air Force) in 1981, Delaware was in the black. Since that time, the powers-that-be in Wilmington (mostly Democrats) have squandered away that surplus and now Delaware is in the same financial state as the federal government. It won’t get better until you stop overspending. My husband and I don’t spend more than we make and it works pretty darn well. — Karen Ward

• We moved here in 1979 so I know exactly what you’re saying. We’ve watched it, too. — Jayne Muchler Dick

• I’ve seen Govs. Terry and Tribbett run this state in the hole. It took 16 years to get it back rolling. Carper just pushed it over the edge and it’s been downhill ever since. — Kevin Eric McDaniel

• I moved from northern California back in 2014. I moved to Philly and now I am in Delaware. When I saw how much taxes I have to pay for what little I do have, oh and how much I have to pay for kids — kids I don’t have — is insane. The taxes people have to pay here don’t make any sense. — Jessie Rosamond

• They want to restrict your 2nd Amendment rights now. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Ten percent personal tax in a “tax free” state. Civil forfeiture is out of control but that is how of government and police keep their people in control. I would also rank this state 50 in a category of law enforcement and personal freedom. The police are somewhat like the storm troopers of the 1940s. Scary and way too aggressive in all situations. A change in government this Election Day might give us some relief but Delaware voters reelect politicians because they know their name. Vote against incumbents! — Timmy Harmon

• This is what happens when you are run by Democrats. The sad thing is that the people will sign up for more of the same come election day. — Bob Hice

• Another feather in the cap for the political dynasty in Delaware. — Bruce Anderson

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