SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Legal fireworks

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A Tuesday story discuss the passage of HB 53, which allows for commercial sale of certain types of fireworks in Delaware. Bill sponsors Rep. Joseph Miro, R-Pike Creek Valley and Sen. Dave Lawson, R-Marydel, felt it was unnecessary to continue to criminalize many residents who were already harmlessly using non-explosive fireworks like sparklers or ground-based and hand-held pyrotechnics.

• These really aren’t “fireworks”. They’re glorified sparklers and smoke bombs. — Bob Hice

• More great news from the Great Father in Dover to his children. However, not one mention of the reason we use fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July. It is about a celebration of the beginning of a once great nation that is faltering on the brink of ending. If you shoot off a firework while saluting the flag on July 4 you are probably one of the reasons America will overcome and be back soon. God Bless the USA! — Timmy Harmon

• Kids will be getting burnt by the dozens. Burns on hands and legs will be in every hospital on Fourth of July. — Vincent J. Deskiewicz Sr.

• Hopefully parents will teach their kids to be safe. — Tyler Beguiler

• Kids getting a burn. The world will end. — Cody Waters

• Then their parents need to pay attention. — Richard Damron

• The issue with sparklers, you will always have some who don’t use them in the correct manner. What happens if children get them in their eyes, set clothing on fire or dry grass issues? Keep the ban. Let the fireworks be done by the city or other licensed venue! — Howard Gaines III

• These things were around every year while I was growing up and I used many fireworks. No burns, no injuries. I had good parents. — Cory Herlihy

• My pity is for pets. — Jayne Muchler Dick

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