Sound Off Delaware: Little Heaven-Milford roadwork wrapping up

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Since early 2015, the sight of road work taking place on Del. 1 between Little Heaven and Milford has been constant.

But, according to DelDOT, the approximately $114 million improvement project is in the home stretch.

• It will be nice when it’s all done. Especially going north bound into Magnolia. The goal isn’t as much to get people to the beach faster. I don’t know where people get that idea. Sure, getting stuck at traffic lights suck. But what really (stinks) is trying to cross over Route 1 and getting in an accident because someone runs a light or cuts someone off because they didn’t have enough time to cross. Overpasses in Milford and Bowers/Little Heaven won’t increase accidents in Milton. Anytime you have a high traffic throughway, it’s always dangerous to have traffic cross over. The overpasses greatly reduce the chances of serious and fatal accidents on our highways. — Jenna Menge

• DelDOT is getting things squared away on Route 1 in Kent County, and they mention the interchanges at Route 16 and Cave Neck Road in Sussex. But I’m curious about what they might have planned for the Route 5 interchange north of Milton. With these other overpasses going up, traffic will be moving along at a faster pace and vehicles trying to go north on Route 1 from northbound Route 5 still have to cross southbound. The Route 5 intersection is as bad as the old north Frederica intersection used to be. — Brian P. Slattery

• I live in Magnolia and have worked in Milford since 2013. I feel I’ve commuted in construction for a long, long time. It’s a headache most mornings but think in the long run, it’s going to make everyone’s drive easier and safer. There really is nothing scarier than vehicles trying to do u-turns and cross traffic that is moving at about 70 mph. — Erica Rae

• Really! They have had to redo Thomsonville road several times. The surfaces on Milford Neck are poor. If this cost that much it was not money wisely spent. To be honest it has created the Indy 500 Speedway and dangerous entries to the roads for locals. Thanks for nothing. — Mary Ellen McGraw

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