Sound Off Delaware: Migrant death

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A 7-year-old girl picked up last week with her father and dozens of other migrants along a remote stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border suffered seizures and spiked a high fever in immigration custody and later died, federal officials said.

• Such a shame her family did this to her. They starved and dehydrated her while coming to the border. If they had stayed home their child would be alive. — Doug Poore

• Yeah…. very easy for people to pass judement of others and the choices they make, especially when we have no clue of what things those others are going through or that the specific reason were behind why they made those choices.

So ironic that there are our own citizens who see this country as “failed” and no longer great, and they claim that we are a “laughing stock” in the eyes of the rest of the world. Yet, we have all of these people from those other countries who want to come here because they DO see this country as great and want to be a part of it (and not to take from it as these same people would have you believe). — Brian P Slattery

• Had they “stayed home” she would, have most likely been raped, and or murdered. Have you ever been to any of the Central American countries where the drug cartels are the quasi government? People are desperate! — Rhonda Tyndall

• The parents should be charged with child abuse and neglect. They took this child on a dangerous trek, were offered asylum and refused. Why? We have better benefits than Mexico. Their greed cost this child her life. — Kathleen Woolridge

• Well, maybe her parents should’ve accepted the asylum of Mexico and not neglected and abused their sick child. May she rest In peace, poor baby. — Shyla Lyons

• How about young innocent girl dies in search of a better life. A life in which her parents didn’t give her a decision to make for herself, which is wrong. But then we have proud true “100 percent” Americans wanting to say her parents should have just stayed in their own country. Let me ask you this, if you could take your kids and risk everything for a better life for your children, would you take the chance? Why can’t we just love our fellow brother and sisters? No matter what color or nationality. — Juan A. Saez

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