Sound Off Delaware: Milford comments

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Many business owners in downtown Milford rallied against comments made by Touch of Italy Owner Robert Ciprietti over the radio last month.

During a the appearance on Delaware’s 105.9 with anchor Susan Monday, Mr. Ciprietti said the reason has yet to open the Milford location after three years is due to “drug deals, crack hookers, people defecating all over the place …”

• Uniting is exactly what Milford does best, as portrayed in the recent outcry against the slanderous remarks made regarding our community. We come together to celebrate, to promote small businesses, to foster the arts, to participate in local activities and yes, we come together to defend the name and reputation of our town. There are public town hall meetings and business specific groups that meet regularly to discuss issues in a manner that brings about change. Public degradation has never been Milford’s way. — Ashley Schrock

• I personally walk through Bicentennial Park at lunch time with never a problem. Are there homeless people there? Yes, I’ve brought them water when it’s hot. Every town has a homeless problem. Calling names never solved a thing. — Trish Kimmons Metts

• This man is totally attempting to cover up his deficiencies. If you won’t take the blame, blame someone or something else. We stand behind Milford and her police department and mayor. Do we really want Touch of Italy in Milford now? — Donna Dickinson

• Sounds like he is really trying to come up with a good excuse for not finishing what he started. Milford PD has always been a great police department! I have never felt unsafe in downtown Milford! — Pat Gilliss

• He pulled one over on our city and now he needs to sell the bank building back to the city for the same price he paid (including all the incentive) and then go far away from our town. That building could have already been updated, occupied and flourishing by a business that wants to be one of the centerpieces of Milford. Even if he runs out of excuses and does open a restaurant in that location, there’s not one person I know who would patronize it after his disparaging remarks about Milford. — Christine Reed

• True or not, vindictive or not, his comments, the news of the petition, signed by many influential Milfordians is now in the State News. The petition asks for patrols on the “downtown streets”, although, the article says most of the problem is in the park, and t those of us who walk the streets every day know is true. I can only imagine what such an article will do to the likelihood of someone visiting our downtown next summer on his way to the beach. It may be true “in all towns” as Ms. Dorey says, but it is Milford that today, is telling the world that it is a big problem here, when in fact, we know our downtown is quite safe. — Ken Behrens

• Sounds like he was just trying to smooth things over being that he still owns property in Milford. My opinion if he really wants to work together as a community, he should go back on the radio and publicly apologize for his words and announce his cooperation with our great town! — Tracy Jarman

• Milford is not THAT bad. Come on now. Every town and city has sections that aren’t great but that doesn’t justify the whole entire city of Milford. He must be an outsider if he said all that about a city he doesn’t know very well or at all. Milford is a great place. — Ashley Malandrino

• Sounds like back peddling to me. We know what our downtown is. We live here. If he’s using this as an excuse why the business is not open, or why he is short on funds, (if that what it is), he needs to apologize to Milford’s downtown businesses and it’s city. Otherwise, I think if the facts are not what he’s saying. It’s Christmas time and our small businesses depend on its customers having faith in their safety. — Helen Shoemaker Rossiter

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