Sound Off Delaware: Millsboro munchies

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Millsboro Town Council recently approved final site plans for a new Taco Bell restaurant off Commerce Drive in Millsboro.

• Good grief. We are becoming the fast food capital of Sussex County.When is a real restaurant coming already?? Have you seen some of the neighborhoods going in? They have plenty of people with money wanting real food and 113 is packed with tourists all summer. — Angela Laurie

• Millsboro Town Council, we are getting a tad bit crowded on Commerce with pop-up junk food stores. We would love to see a Texas Roadhouse in that open lot on the side of Lowe’s. Love to see more good restaurants. Not junk food. — Sandra Wells

• Driving on Commerce Drive is getting a bit tricky. It is pretty much a free for all. Let’s do something about our infrastructure as we continue to grow. — Pamela Long

• Too bad they can’t put up an IHOP or Texas Road House. Maybe something a little nicer and not fast food. — Christina Cruz-Blanco

• Delaware is closer for me than Fruitland. I miss Bonanza too but it’d be very nice to have actual restaurants begin to pop up around here. Ya know, instead of a Dollar General in Pittsville. Dollar General in Willards! It’s 2.1 miles apart. Waste of money. That could have went to animal rescue, sick children, the 200 homeless people just in Salisbury Md. alone. But naw we’ll bank on another Dollar General. — Heather Mumford

• I think it’s disgraceful that Millsboro it’s getting two new fast food restaurants. We should be building restaurants that attract people to sit and stay in Millsboro rather than just drive through our town. — Evelyn Deutsch

• Although Taco Bell may not be ideal for everyone, other people do like it. Being a resident of Millsboro, I would love to have a nice dine-in restaurant. With that said, no big chain restaurant will commit to building in a location that won’t be able to support it. That means reliable employees, and steady patrons. Half the restaurants in the local areas go out of business for those reasons. Millsboro gets a lot of drive-thru traffic in the busy summer season, so the fast food restaurants will do better then a dine-in restaurant. But, maybe one day we will see a nice dine-in restaurant open up. — Alicia Thomas Carroll

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