Sound Off Delaware: Minimum wage debate

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Delaware’s minimum wage increases from $8.25 to $8.75 on Jan. 8. A training minimum wage and a youth wage that is not more than 50 cents less than the minimum wage rate also takes effect that day.

• And work ethic doesn’t change. — Val Pelly

• Democrats just don’t understand that people lose jobs due to minimum wage increases. This just incentivizes the adoption on new technologies that eliminate low-skilled jobs. Democrats know that if they give freebies to the low income people they will keep getting their vote. It is not about bettering anyone. — Mark Schmalhofer

• There is no proof of this and there never was. It’s the same old argument business always uses and it’s false. — Rob Roth

• It’s not free if they’re working for it. — Gary Greer

• A state or individual employer increasing their pay scale is not a bad thing. It should give them a hiring advantage. The issue is if the state or federal government mandates that all must increase the minimum. Anyone who paid higher on their own, based on a sound business model, lose their advantage (among other impacts).

Does the state have a sound business model? That is the question! Are workers held to performance standards to ensure our money is being allocated wisely? — Stephen Basler

• That’s right, we need higher wages! We need higher wages by having better jobs and more qualified wage earners to perform higher skilled tasks. No one can live on $8.75! We can all agree on that. — Jason Dean

• As long as the government is going to give the lazy (people) free money to do nothing you really think that they will actually go get a job for a little more an hour. — Phillip Hearn

• Why do think that all of those who make minimum wage are lazy? —Gary Greer

• Higher minimum wage will not create jobs. It will force the smaller companies out of business. —Philip Hearn

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