Sound Off Delaware: Mission expanding

In a recent story, Jeanine Kleimo, chairwoman of the Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing, said the nonprofit will soon expand to a former motel-turned Islamic worship center outside of Felton.

• I doubt many will take it. With no vehicles and no bus service the housing is too far away from everything. — Gerald Jerry Rice

• Gerald, you’re right that it’s not very centrally located, but fortunately there is a DART bus stop right next door at the entrance to Canterbury Homes. The residents will be able to utilize that service if they need. — Melissa Kristic

• Jeanine Kleimo is making the world a better place, one person at a time. — Michele Johnson

• Giving the disadvantaged a hand up is admirable and to be applauded, so this transition facility is a good thing. However, nowhere in the article did I see any comment about providing transportation for these people who “will be required to have a steady income.” No mention was made about whether they have their own transportation (probably not) nor whether the agency will be providing transportation to their various jobs. The location of this facility is not within walking distance of any likely places of employment as it is almost equidistant between Felton and Dover. It’s a good plan with distinct benefits but from what I have read, it still needs more work to make it successful. — Pat Palmisano

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