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A majority of Delawareans continue to support legal marijuana, and a similar ratio backs universal health care, according to a new poll released by the University of Delaware last week.

• But I thought the U.S. was a conservative nation. — Benjamin Black

• Conservatives should stand for small government and less regulation leading to legalization. However, we know that’s not the case. I could say the same for liberals too. They should be standing for a limited government and protecting individual rights, thus legalization. Yet here we are. — Aaron Mobley

• Don’t mind polls. They also show Hillary as POTUS with a 98 percent chance. People want universal health care until they realize the government decides when you die and your taxes get doubled. — Chris Werner

• Cheaper medical industry, stop financially incentivizing big pharma/cresting the opioid epidemic and give people a recreational and medicinal product that would revolutionize health care, economy, textiles, provide small business opportunities and decrease prison overcrowding over petty marijuana “crimes.” — Danielle Levredge

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