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On his Facebook page, Sen. Thomas Carper discussed the Senate overwhelmingly approving legislation that includes two bipartisan bills he co-authored to combat the opioid crisis. “This epidemic demands that we work together to prevent more tragedies,” he said.

• Still nothing to address the overproduction and over prescription of these drugs by the pharma cartel and their pusher doctors, though. Nice half measures. — William Leo

• Does the bill include holding the drug companies who produced the opioid accountable for the costs of this bill? — Starlene Murphy

• So what is your answer for folks that need these drugs for pain control? Typical liberal. — Mark Contrisciano

• I don’t see this as a liberal position. We need to go after the manufacturers instead of passing new spending bills. If the government is going to do something they need to fix the problem, not put on a Band-aid and let big pharma keep cranking out more pills that crooked doctors bill the government for (and you and I pay in taxes) Carper is just looking for a way to sound good and continue to get money from big pharma. — Tom Stermer

• Thank you Senator. The tragic loss of life from opiate overdoses affects communities across Delaware and the nation. Providing funding for better services should be helpful. Stopping people from accessing opioids to begin with would be a great solution but folks with chronic pain often need opioids because they work. Funding for research into effective alternatives may yield a solution. Keep up the good work. — Kevin Watkins

• I would suggest the Pharmaceutical companies fund their own studies. They are charging outrages prices for the drugs and they received fantastic tax breaks. — Marlene Kornmann

• We don’t have enough rehabs here in Delaware. Until something is done to help people who are motivated to get clean, this problem will continue! — Marie Wage

• Before you give free drugs to drug addicts, how about free needles and insulin for diabetics? They don’t have a choice when they get it but (addicts) do. —Ed Heaney

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