SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Pay raises for state workers

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On Monday, lawmakers approved a pay raise for more than 24,000 state government employees — plus an additional $500 bonus for each.

• They deserve much better at all levels. — Steve Goldman

• I spoke with a senator this morning who thinks the health care costs are all they can afford. It’s been years since we have had an increase. Guess health care doesn’t go up for full-time employees so they can afford a small raise. Funny everything costs me the same as it does them. — Joe Murabito

• Health care does increase for full-time employees also but the pay increase and then some always takes that to pay the health care. Employees do need an increase that will help pay other expenses. — Julie Legates

• I need a raise too. Don’t we all? — Mark Schmalhofer

• Anyone making more than, say, $50K shouldn’t get anything extra. Not when many people are living on $20K or less. — Charles Miller

• How about returning the $100 School Tax Credit back to the seniors. How about a raise for the pensioners who do not have an escalator clause built into their pension. — Will Garfinkel

• I agree! Cost of living has certainly escalated but pension stays the same! — Dawn Parsons Wingo

• Good for state workers but it would be nice if this “surplus” would be returned to the pockets whence it came in the form of a $250 tax rebate to all people who file state income taxes. — Timmy Harmon

• When everybody is singing the praises of the Delaware Democrats for giving a $1,000 yearly raise for state workers. I would like to remind you of the statement by Nancy Pelosi how $1,000 is nothing but crumbs. — Bob Beckman

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