Lawmakers approved Gov. John Carney’s proposal last week to give most state workers a $1,000 raise and added in a $500 bonus, but they did not provide salary changes probation and parole officers say is sorely needed.

• And what about a COLA raise for pensioners which we haven’t had for a long time. — Chris Zmijewski

• I Agree retirees need a raise, it’s been a long time. Aren’t probation and parole officers state workers? Oh, they have a union that deals for them only. They want to be included in everyone’s raises. Thank you Governor. — Ray Yarnall Sr.

• Maggie Jones That’s not a fair raise across the board. — Ray Yarnall Sr.

• If you worked for the state in 2009, had a pay decrease and since retired, you never got it back. Still no increase! — Patti Smith

• It’s no secret a significant influx in money to the budget came from Trump’s tax cuts that were made to help the middle working class. The money is there to be spread to the state workers. But since the Democrats don’t like Trump… state workers are screwed. — Todd Meredith

• Gov. Carney doesn’t want to spend one-time funds. Did he forget sports betting is being approved and will create a new revenue source? When is the state of Delaware going to start paying their employees the wages the contractors are getting paid? — Shane McCarty

• Guess you can tell it’s an election year at Leg Hall. A few bones for a few people, no tax increases and a whopping 5 percent increase in spending. It’s the Delaware Way. — Bob Skuse

• Just business as usual for these malignant Democrats holding the power! — Bob Kirby

• How about paying down the contingent liabilities and other debt? Clean up the state balance sheet. But then again, it’s an election year. Just wait and see how broke we are next year. —Will Garfinkel

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