SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Planned Parenthood

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Sen. Chris Coons recently affirmed on Facebook his defiance to an effort to defund Planned Parenthood. The following are some of the comments from his constituents:

• Thank you for standing up for women’s rights and safety Senator! — Tina Lipko

• Ten-year client of Planned Parenthood of Delawares. Got pill packs, pap smears, annual exams, and Not. One. Abortion. Because, you know, they helped me plan my parenthood. Please keep working to make sure they are able provide these valuable services to women who need them.

And for those of you who are raging about the murder of babies, I wish to God you got as upset about the slaughter of students and were as eager to vote out the politicians who’ve done exactly nothing about that carnage. — Jennifer Pugh O’Connor

• The Dems are the party who voted to not detain mentally unstable people against their will in the 70s. It is a mental health issue not a gun issue. — Deano Nicolo

• They can still provide the services needed without the butcher shop attached. Make it two separate entities. — Faye Wing

• What makes you think we don’t care about the school shootings? But what about the mass murder of innocent pre-born babies? They never had a chance to have a voice or go to school. There are other facilities that offer women’s health services. — Carol Miller

• You’re right, our children should be protected better than politicians. “No guns” signs do absolutely nothing. — Aaron Tarpine

• Just to clarify, the screenings and vaccines are available to practices that accept Title X funds but don’t practice or facilitate abortion. In Delaware, there are plenty of alternatives for low-income women. — Mary McCrossan

• Federal dollars do not pay for abortions. How many times must that be said until you people stop believing their lies? — Beryl Sachs Gamiel

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