SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Politicizing pardons

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In a recent letter to the editor Ken Abraham of Dover asserted that President Trump is using his pardoning power purely for political purposes:

• If Trump walked on water, someone would accuse him of not being able to swim. Are you tired of winning already? — Chris Wolfe

• Or maybe he really wants to make a difference He’s beholden to no one. He’s not a politician. He’s a billionaire businessman who has been expressing the same concerns about our country since the 1980s. It’s all on YouTube. He loves our country whether the naysayers believe it or not. Millions of wasted taxpayer dollars on an investigation that’s only uncovered corruption on the other side! So much winning. — Beth Ann

• Pardoning corrupt individuals with “celebrity” status makes a difference??? Please do tell. — Mike Johnson

• The premise of this opinion piece is akin to insinuating that the previous administration granted clemency or pardoned close to 2,000 criminals purely for votes….see how much that helped Hillary. — Michael Pepper

• Or he could have issued them like the chickens that preceded him — in the middle of the night at the end of their presidency so they could avoid the blowback. This is true transparency and standing up for what you think is right. It is what used to be called being a man of your word. — Bob Beckman

• And Obama granted clemencies 1,947 times — the most since Harry S Truman. Though not all full pardons, it also included commutations and remissions. And as far as I’m concerned every instance of clemency is political as it certainly sways opinion of any person or group associated. — Bruce Anderson

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