SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Presumption of guilt

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A recent letter to the editor challenged U.S. Sen. Chris Coons to say where he stands on the issue of presumption of innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt versus a presumption of guilt until proven innocent as it relates to the Justice Kavanaugh case:

• Spot on letter, but good luck getting any democrat in this state to ever account for their actions. They and especially Coons all feel and act like they are superior to everyone else. — Marc Auger

•`Absolutely wrong, the hearings were a job interview, not a criminal trial. There is no presumption of innocent and no need to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, as the person being interviewed at the hearing is not subject to potential punishment for a criminal act. A senator may make their decision on a judicial nominee based upon whatever information they receive. — Bill Mastro

• Bill Mastro, I disagree. Let’s say you are interviewing for the dream job of your life. Then out of nowhere someone makes an allegation against you saying you touched them in an inappropriate way. You in your own words are guilty of doing this. Everyone conducting the interview makes statements that they “All believe the survivors.” How are you going to prove that you are innocent? Remember you have already stated “there is no presumption of innocence and no need to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” Now they bring in the person making this now according to your words true allegation against you. The person tells them a story that you know is totally untrue but they all believe survivors. I guess you can kiss that dream job goodbye. — Bob Smith

• Brett Kavanaugh proved himself to be unfit for court in his defense of statements. Obama had years of accusations. It took Kavanaugh 20 minutes to break into tears and then tear into senators’ questioning him as he was above the law. Chris Coons was used by Flake and Collins and anyone who still wants to defend that nonsense and doesn’t want to know the truth. The truth is Kavanaugh’s statements about Soros and Clinton were disqualifying and the truth is Chris Coons did his job. Too bad the White House and the FBI didn’t do theirs. I am proud of Chris Coons and Tom Carper. They have served Delaware with grace and respect — something Kavanaugh and Trump could take a lesson on.— Debbie Dickerson

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