Sound Off Delaware: Prison abuse

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Dover attorney Stephen Hampton on Wednesday accused the Delaware Department of Correction (DOC) of negligent behavior that he believes led to the deaths of two inmates this month.

In October, Mr. Hampton had filed a lawsuit against the state on behalf of more than 100 inmates housed in C Building, the site of last year’s riot at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center.

• Inmate abuse is definitely real!!!!! I could give you a list of guards names who need to be fired. I won’t though since we have Hampton working on it!! It’s just a matter of time. — Beth Grier

I’m betting it’s few and far between! Guards have to work in that environment. Why would they want to live in there any longer than they have to? — Howard Gaines III

• The inmates have more rights then the COs. Why should we believe more lies from the inmates? — John Greene

• I mean its prison, not a vacation. Simple solution would be to not do something to get put in prison. — Troy Allen Kirkland

• I agree that it’s not supposed to be a vacation but when a prisoner is suffering medically, it should be taken care of in a timely manner. — Cindy Charles Kennel

• Hampton will get one-third of any settlement that the state offers. That is what he is after. Inmates in a correctional institution should understand that they are there because they broke the law and were convicted of the same. Instead they riot, they throw crap at COs, they do not follow the rules and they even kill COs once in a while. Smyrna priosn is a hell hole where COs are just trying to maintain order. The COs are lucky to complete a shift without getting hurt and the inmates continue to just fight against the system. I wonder how their health would be if they were good law-abiding citizens. — Timmy Harmon

• Even criminals are allowed to have sufficient medical care. — Peggyann Ricketts

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