SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Protecting elections

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In a Sunday commentary, U.S. Sen. Chris Coons discussed the need to pass a bipartisan bill, the Secure Elections Act, to strengthen election cybersecurity in America and protect against foreign interference in future elections.

• Wow, Coons wanting bipartisan efforts. The whole thing is based upon spending a lot of money, of course. But it is bipartisan. Hey Mr. Coons, how about including a voter ID requirement? That would most certainly aid in keeping our elections straight. It’s not that big of an issue, if you admit to voting in Delaware. My drivers license, or other ID, is checked and I have to sign in, before I can vote here. Why not make it mandatory across the country? I love the way the Democrats are blaming everything on the Russians. Yet, just 6 or so short years ago, Good ol Barry and the rest of the libs, ha had a good laugh, at Mitt Romney’s expense, when he said Russia was our biggest threat. My how things changed in three years. I say three, because Russia became an issue, for the Democrats, as soon as Trump started to pick up steam, in the primaries. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• I have little doubt that Senator Coons will suggest that Judge Kavanaugh’s Senate affirmative confirmation vote to the U.S. Supreme Court was somehow affected by Russia. I have no doubt whatsoever that Senator Coons will argue vehemently that the November elections, which leave Republicans in the majority in both houses of Congress, has been tampered with by Russia. — Bill Anderson

• Voter ID would protect the integrity. — Jon Walczak

• I showed my ID at primaries. — Mary Morgan

• As did I. Then they wrote my name down on a piece of paper and handed to someone standing next to the voting machine. I was a little confused. — Richard Miller

• Not allowing illegals to vote is a great step. Unfortunately you need illegals to keep your corrupt Democrat party in office. — Fred Vicente

• I’ve been in Delaware since 1979. I have always had to show ID. It should be the law. I don’t understand why it’s debated. — Jayne Muchler Dick

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