SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Reporting on Hall

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A Friday Delaware State News article reported that State Senate candidate Donyale Hall has faced civil lawsuits for unpaid rent, failure to pay a mortgage and debt. The mortgage lawsuit was ultimately settled and dismissed and the debt case was satisfied, according to court records.

• This isn’t news. Maybe she fell on hard times, maybe she had kids to feed. And the last one was dismissed. This seems very politically motivated to me. We all can’t be part of the family business. Some folks have to work for every dime they have all by themselves. This has made up my mind, she is getting my vote! — Heather Laskey

• While I find this article distasteful, I can’t help but wonder how different these comments would have been had she been a Democrat. — Paula Giordano

• I am a registered Democratic voter and I have just decided I love her even more now. (Forget) party lines! — Heather Laskey

• I’m sure she’s been through hard times. She’s obviously resolved each and every issue you mentioned. That she has managed through tough times, means she has perseverance, and grit! I love it! I think you should also know what kind of person she is when no one is looking. My elderly mother lives near Donyale. A few years back, on her way down the street my mom realized her tire was flat. Donyale came over immediately. She wouldn’t listen to my mothers arguments, she jacked her car up and changed the tire for her. She refused to take anything for it. This is the kind of person you have running. Dover would be lucky to have her represent them. — Deborah Dukes

• While I agree the article is poorly timed, one thing comes out that all of these issues are regarding financial dealings. I certainly don’t need someone responsible for spending tax dollars when they can’t manage their own. — Mike Steindl

• Fully qualified to hold state office. Doesn’t know how to handle money and can talk her way out of it. — Timmy Harmon

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