SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Republican silence

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A recent letter to the editor headlined “Counter Republican silence” wondered “How long are Republican leaders in Delaware and throughout this country going to remain silent while the president continues to use rhetoric that encourages violence and hatred?”

• No president, family and supporters who voted him in the presidency have ever, ever, ever had so much hatred shown them. Period. End of discussion — Edna Staats

• As a faithful, conservative Republican since I turned 18, I have never witnessed more hatred towards us, ever. President Trump is not a politician. He is a hugely successful business man. He is trying to apply his excellent business skills to our country. Classy? No way. Well spoken? With the help of some good writers. He is busting his butt trying to keep his promises. What his good job has managed to show us is just how cruel, hateful and genuinely evil the Democrats have become. He’s sending troops to protect our borders. There is a process to this called legal immigration. I disliked Obama tremendously as did many others as he continuously proved his lack of ability, but never with the hatred we see today. Maybe that’s why all Republicans aren’t speaking out. — Jayne Muchler Dick

• What a joke! This president has done more for this country in two years then the last so-called only for himself president did in eight! He doesn’t call for violence unlike your precious mad Maxine. — Jude Fisher

• Well well, the writer fails to mention any fault from her own party. Both sides are at fault, however the Dems are silent when they perform their rhetoric and called out on it. It all needs to be condemned.

Failure to identify the Dems own hate rhetoric makes this opinion piece mute. The party of love and tolerance isn’t so loving or tolerant. —Edward Graves Jr.

• Hypocrite. You are attacking Republicans but are silent about the constant attacks from Democrats against the president and Republicans. Nancy Pelosi just last week said “If we win and you are not on our side you might just become collateral damage.” What about Waters call to harass conservatives any way you can and anywhere you can find them? Or Holder saying “kick them”? — Alex Fowler

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