Sound Off Delaware: Respect

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Readers reacted to a recent letter headlined “Earning respect should start with President Trump”

• “A president should try to unite the country, but he only panders to his base and never reaches across the aisle or to anyone with an opinion differing from his.” I’m guessing you forgot that the left has done a great job of not working with folks, forcing Obamacare down our throats, fining folks who didn’t take it, and they seem to name call pretty good too! Says nothing about those who go out and do killings and beating under the mask or change! Everyone should strive to act better and speak in a manner that is adult in nature. You can’t legislate morality. — Howard Gaines III

• You gladly overlook the attacks on the president and his wife. You want him to be more civil and ignore the calls for his assassination, the abduction of his son to hand over to pedophiles, the bloody head by so-called comedians, calling his wife all kinds of names? Still harping on the “popular vote”? How many of those votes would be left if the dead, illegals and other illegal votes would be deducted? You would be happy if California and New York decides the future of this country and just ignore the rest of the nation? Well, I am not. Our forefathers were brilliant coming up with the electoral college. — Alex Fowler

• There’s a lot to unpack here. Look, everyone could go round and round with the “but he said ___ first!” like children…but the bottom line is that it’s indisputable that the president is a callous man who betrays the office of the president with the way he carries himself. Sure, you might like it, but he’s far from “polite” in any respect of that term. I won’t even go into the fact that he started the whole “birther” conspiracy out of some racist rant about former President Obama. Do I think anyone civilized should send threats and so on as you mention to President Trump? No. Do I think “Oh poor him, he’s a nice man who wants to help our country,”? Equally NO.

Your assertion about the voter fraud is also unfounded and unsubstantiated, but I know, I know–why let facts get in the way of a good conservative rant? I’m also curious as to how you’ll feel in the next 10 years if Texas does indeed shift toward being a blue state (which some are predicting).

Will the electoral college seem so great to you when literally three states will be the hinge upon which our democracy (Republic) swings? The electoral college is a sham and it shouldn’t have ever been invented in the first place. However, our forefathers invented it supposedly to keep anyone out that was not fit for office if they were voted in by the uneducated masses. It’s a shame that it couldn’t even do its job when called upon. — Jeff Haycraft

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