Sound Off Delaware: Saudi violations

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Last week on Facebook, Sen. Chris Coons posted that “the United States Senate should speak in a clear, bipartisan voice to say that we will not tolerate the kinds of egregious human rights violations we’ve seen from Saudi leadership and, in particular, from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.” His constituents reacted:

• Senator Coons: Thank you for this post. Saudi Arabia’s actions in Yemen are horrifying and, when paired with the Khashoggi killing, call for a strong response from our country. Please remind your colleagues that we did not hesitate to pass strong sanctions on the Russians involved in the killing of Sergei Magnitsky when we passed the Magnitsky Act in 2012. This response must be similar or the same if America expects to be a respected leader on the world stage. Prove that human rights matter more than arms deals. — Dylan McDowell

• Hope it gets done, but I won’t hold my breath with McConnell in charge. —Dot Gunshol

• This is exactly why our representatives voted the Magnitsky Act into law! And now Republicans cower on their knees to Trump. —Audrey Butler

• He who wants prison reform in this country yet wants to prosecute citizens of other countries for killings where the U.S. clearly has no jurisdiction. —Cameron McGinn

• I lived in Saudi. It is an extreme dictatorship. You can attend public be headings, stoning for adultery and incarceration for speaking against the government. Nothing happens in this country that is not the express wishes of the monarchy. — Sandy Cornelia

• Wait, after all these years and all the human rights violations and all the presidents before him who have sucked up to the Saudis, now all of the sudden you guys care what the Saudis do — the same country where a majority of the hijackers came from. The country who still hangs and kills gay people, the country who teaches the strictest form of Islam on the planet, now all of the sudden you want accountability. Once again another political stunt because Trump is in office. You know darn well you guys wouldn’t ever do anything do harm your relationship with one of our biggest arms buyers. — Christopher Joyce

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