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In a recent commentary, State Rep. Kevin Hensley called for doing more to protect Delaware schools, including putting metal detectors at all school entrances and having school resource officers in every school at all times.

• Sadly the surplus money will be spent as usual with little to nothing to show for it. Any longterm program is then to be funded by ever increasing requests for more revenue (tax increases) to sustain spending. Time to cut from all programs to get back and stay well within the projected revenues for each year. — Kevin Eric McDaniel

• Throwing money doesn’t solve problems. Keep kids in the classroom instead of allowing them to roam the halls. Require teachers to stand near the hallway and outside their classrooms. Teachers who wish to carry concealed and pass background checks and gun required measures should be used as an additional layer of protection. Lastly, stop playing games with students. They’re at school for an education. Expel those who fail to get their act together! — Howard Gaines III

• Sadly I agree that metal detectors are a must. It does not solve the problem, but it this is an issue that calls for a multitude of approaches. — Beth Ann

• Just make sure that whatever money is used for “safety” is state money, NOT, my home equity. Safety is a state matter not education. — Will Garfinkel

• Support Dave Lawson and SN Bill 215. — Dave McGuigan

• It’s amazing how these politicians work in a fortified building that no one gets into with a firearm, yet they don’t want to protect our kids. Try getting in the courthouse with a cell phone.. Now only do they toss you out, they’re mean and rude to you. — Bob Hice

• He is right. The discussion should be in hardening our schools. Let it be known that a school shooter will be met with lethal force. No more gun-free zones! Illegal gun possession will receive mandatory jail time. A person will be tried as an adult if they commit an adult crime. More gun laws will do nothing to prevent anything Enforcement of the existing laws will! — Douglas Bounds

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