A Sunday story reported that the Judge Kavanaugh case has put a new focus on sex crimes.

•I was falsely accused once and thankfully the police determined that she lied and filed a false report. I think that the presumption of innocence and the rule of law is vital in making a determination. In this case, there isn’t enough evidence or corroboration to support Dr. Ford’s claims. Then there’s her bizarre testimony where she sometimes acted and spoke like a child and couldn’t answer some basic questions.

This should never have been played out on national television at the confirmation hearing. If the Democrats really believed Dr. Ford and wanted to stop at the confirmation process and have the matter investigated they would’ve urged Dr. Ford to file charges with the Montgomery County Police Department. They would have conducted in investigation and the hearing would’ve immediately been delayed because he would’ve been the suspect under investigation. — Scott Berry

• Personally I think something terrible more than likely happened to Dr. Ford but not for one minute do I believe it was judge Kavanaugh that did it. Honestly what has disgusted me about this whole kangaroo court is several Democrat lawmakers refusing to uphold a person’s rights. Innocent until proven guilty is one of the fundamental bedrocks of our society and what separates us from so many other banana republics and Communist countries.

That and because of Feinstein’s instance to play politics by politicizing sexual assault and essentially making Dr. Ford a victim twice now should really give individuals pause about what’s best for our country. If you’re a woman with a father, husband, brother, or son do you really want to put people in charge who don’t care about their rights as American citizens? — Shawn Knox

• New focus on sex crimes in Delaware? Are you kidding me?! This state is a joke when it comes to punishing sex offenders! Most offenders serve 18 months or less. A lot of offenses and lack of punishment were brought to light after the DuPont trial. Sex offenders flock to this state because of the slap on the wrist punishments. — Laura Foskey

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